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Where to buy iron-on name labels and waterproof stickers in Singapore

name stickers aingapore

Starting school is an exciting time for every child, and the younger ones who are going to the school for the first time will need all the help and assurance they can get to ease them into the school system.  At this age, they are not fantastic organisers (yet), so there will definitely be times when their belongings get lost. To avoid stressing them, it is better to prevent missing items from happening in the first place! Name stickers are an excellent way to keep their items intact, and all kids love stickers, so you bet they will be more than willing to stick them onto their belongings! You can use these name stickers on waterbottles, books, folders, stationery and more, and they also come in iron on labels for uniforms and other fabric items, such as blankets. We’ve come up with this list of name sticker companies in Singapore, so that you are spoilt for sticker choices. PS: as we are coming up with this list, we realise many sticker companies print their stickers overseas and mail to Singapore, so for the purpose of this articles, we found these homegrown sticker companies that print and mail out within Singapore! 

  1. Label of Love Studio

Label of Love Studio has a great range of designs for their name stickers and iron on labels, think princess, rockets, astronauts, zodiac animals etc. The company has been selling name stickers since 2012, so their sticker quality definitely certainly stood the test of time! Oh, and we love how they can print your own design on their stickers, such as your child’s drawing! 

Price starts from $18.90.

Lead time – 1 week 

2. Baby Butter

Baby Butter is a Singapore company that has some cute name stickers. They are waterproof, UV safe, freezer resistant, microwave safe and scratch proof. And price starts at just $8.90!

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