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Laundry Detergent Sheets – Better for the family and environment!

Laundry sheets, we’ve heard so much about them. Are they worth the hype (and the switch)?

What are laundry detergent sheets? 

Laundry detergent sheets are essentially solid detergent compressed into a sheet form. They can be compactly packed in cardboard packaging, thus reducing plastic bottle wastage that is generated from traditional bottled liquid detergent.

Generating less waste and taking up less space in my laundry closet, yep I’m definitely ready to give laundry detergent sheets a try! We checked out these laundry sheet companies, so that you have this cheat sheet to guide your purchase!

  1. Mundo

The founders started Mundo “to give people an affordable and eco-friendly alternative”.

Cost per box – S$26.90

Number of loads* – 80

*Each load is for 3kg of clothes, approximately 10 to 15 pieces of cotton clothing, according to Mundo.

Shipping fee within Singapore – Free

Cost per load – S$0.336

Cost per kg of load – $0.112

What we love – we have the option to omit kraft packaging (and lowering our cost)!

2. Recover Soaps

According to the Sustainability Project, this laundry sheet from Recover Soaps is “a natural formulation that is concentrated, hypoallergenic, zero waste and plastic-free”.

Cost per box – S$36.00

Number of loads* – 64

*Each load is for 5kg of clothes

Shipping fee within Singapore – Free for purchase above $45, otherwise $5.

Cost per load – S$0.563

Cost per kg -$0.113

3. Fiji

This South Korean company manufactures the laundry sheets “using papaya enzymes and baking soda, helps to clean & remove odor”. You can get this from Fairprice.

Cost per box – S$20.00

Number of loads* – 30

*Each load is for 7kg of clothes. According to the manufacturer, you can use 1/2 sheet for 3kg load, 1 sheet for 7kg load, and 1.5 sheets for 10kg load.

Shipping fee within Singapore – Free for purchase above $80, otherwise $5. But since it’s available at Fairprice, you can also get this along with your groceries when you perform your grocery runs!

Cost per load – S$0.667

Cost per kg -$0.095

4. Okto Essentials

Acording to this Singapore company, their detergent strips “contain no harsh chemicals yet harness strong cleaning power”.

Cost per box – S$19.90

Number of loads* – 60

*Each load is for 5kg of clothes.

Shipping fee within Singapore – $3 for normal postage or self collection at Kallang Bahru.

Cost per load – S$0.332

Cost per kg -$0.066

Are you like us who can’t wait to give laundry sheets a try? 😀

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