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Chin Mee Chin Confectionary – Review

Chin Mee Chin is tucked away in the corner of Chapel Road. This old school confectionary has been at the same spot since the 1920s. That explains the nostalgic vibes you get when you step into the shop.

I was there at 9am on a Friday morning, and there were 4 groups of people in the queue. The queue moved relatively fast as there were at least 15 tables. Usually I would opt for the outdoor seats, as I prefer to face the quiet Chapel road rather than the busy ordering counter inside the shop, but as the outdoor seats were full that day, I was shown into the indoor seat. It was fine to me as well, since I was there for just a quick breakfast with a friend.

The Food

Luncheon Meat Bun 

chin mee chin

I love the bun! It is soft and isn’t sticky when I bite into it, and this makes every bite super enjoyable. The luncheon meat is nice as well, not overly salty or oily, so this luncheon meat bun is perfect for someone who likes savoury food (like me)!

Marks 9/10

Otah Bun

The bun, as I mentioned above, is superb. Paired with the otah which is not overly spicy and of the right thickness, it is a very good combination as well.

Marks 8/10

Chocolate Cupcake

chin mee chin

This cupcake is moist and has a crispy chocolate coating on top. As I am more of a savoury person, I enjoy this… for 2 bites. However, my son loves this and usually can eat 2 of them, so it’s a matter of preference, and whether you have a sweet or salty palette.

Marks 7.5/10

Cheesecake Brownie

This cake comes in an extremely small piece, and I can understand why. The rich cheesecake paired with the brownie base taste very good, but if consume in big quantity, I think I will feel quite jelak (sick). The size given is just right for you to finish the cake with a sense of longing for more, but not to the extent of making you regret your choice. I truly enjoy every single bite of this rich cake.

Marks 8.5/10

Kopi O

Having tried their kopi o several times, I conclude that they are always too sweet for me. I tried the kopi o sui dai (less sweet) once, and it was still very sweet to me. I ended up ordering only their kopi o kosong now. My friend who went with me also feel that their kopi was on the sweet side. Honestly, I’ve tasted better coffee in many kopitiams, and I think it’s pretty sad that their coffee is not as good as their bakes.

Marks 3/10

Cream Horn

This is one of the highlights of the confectionary in my opinion. The cream is not overly sweet or oily, and it’s nicely tucked into the flaky horn shell. It’s very unique and I like it alot. This is the item that I usually order for my friends who have never tried Chin Mee Chin before, since you can’t get it elsewhere.

Marks 8.5/10

I love Chin Mee Chin and I will continue to visit them when I have the craving for their cheesecake brownie and luncheon meat buns. I just hope their coffee will be nicer cos a good coffee will go so well with their food! Oh, and if you are there, you can take a stroll along Chapel road and visit this beautiful pre-war house!

Chin Mee Chin

Closed on Mondays.

Opens 8am to 330pm

204 East Coast Road Singapore, Singapore 428903

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