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The Best Pet Pillows in Singapore

If you are a pet owner, chances are, you have seen these ads on pet pillows floating around your social media.

What are pet pillows? They are basically soft, cuddly pillows that are printed with your pet’s picture. They usually come in various sizes, and most people will choose the size closest to the size of their pets in real life.

Why do people buy pet pillows when they already have a pet? Isn’t the real thing better? Of course nothing beats the warmth of cuddling a real pet! But here are some of the reasons why a pet owner may need a pet pillow.

  1. There is only one pet in the house, but every family member wants to hug him/ her to bed. With a pet pillow, now everyone can do so! They can also choose their favourite pet photo to be made into the pillow.
  2. A pet can’t usually travel with you, but a pet pillow can! You will miss definitely miss your pet, but a pillow that looks just like him/ her will soothe the heartache to some extent.
  3. When our beloved pets pass away, some people choose to get a pet pillow to remember them with. It is a sweet and poignant way to celebrate the life of our pets.

So where do you buy pet pillows in Singapore? We’ve round up these local companies that make these pillows for you! We use the 40cm height pillow as a comparison basis. Have fun making a mini me of your pooches and felines and other pets!

  1. Label of Love Studio
Label of Love Studio

Making pet pillows from Label of Love Studio is simple. Just upload your pet’s photo and they will remove the background and make them into pillows. Their baby safe fabric used in the making of the pillows is custom printed and shipped from USA.

Price – $48.90

Material – Exterial minky fabric, interial baby safe cotton wool

Size – Height about 40cm

Lead time – 3 weeks

2. Peek A Book

pet pillow singapore
Peek A Book

Peek A Book makes lovely pet pillows by printing on high quality and long lasting plush material that is soft and easy to care for. We are so amused that they make plushes of non conventional pets, like ducks!

Price – From $35.00

Material – Polyester velvet fabric stuffed with pp cotton

Size – Height between 40cm to 80cm

Lead time – 2 weeks


Klosh has 6 different sizes of pet pillows, and it starts from keychain size (10cm) to a gigantic 80cm plush! They can do double sided printing, and you get ultra-soft and hyper-realistic pet pillows as a result.

Price – $29.90 for 40cm height pillow, but prices from $17.90 to $89.90 for various sizes

Material – Ultra soft polyester plush

Size – Height between 10cm to 80cm

Lead time – 14 to 18 days

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