Sweet Potato Balls by O.M.G

My first sweet potato balls experience was from a night market in Taichung, Taiwan back in 2019. The sweet potato balls were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and they made a hot and comforting snack, especially in cold weather.  I was eager to replicate the night market experience in Singapore.

sweet potato ball

We came across this sweet potato ball stall by OMG in a pasar malam at Jurong West. There was a long queue for their goods, and with the bright pasar malam lighting, their golden sweet potato balls definitely looked promising.

The two stallholders rolled the dough into balls by hand and deep fried the entire batch at one go, which explained the long wait. We waited about 20 minutes to lay our hands onto those golden goodies. If the sweet potato balls run out, you need to wait through the entire process again.

sweet potato balls from pasar malam

The piping hot sweet potato balls were served in a paper box with long bamboo sticks. Gorgeously crispy on the outside, mochi like in the inside, without being overly greasy, we enjoyed every mouthful of it. At $5 for 10 pieces, each about 3cm diameter, they are a reasonable price to pay for these handmade delicacies.

Would I queue up 20 minutes and buy again? Definitely a yes! Can’t wait for my next trip to the pasar malam before it moves off!

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