Wina Iryadi – Founder of Freddie the Frog Shoes

wina iryadi freddie the frog shoes
We are extremely excited to have Wina, the founder of Freddie the Frog Shoes Singapore, to share with us her life in Singapore and how she juggles work and family.
Hello Wina! Tell us something about yourself!
Hi! My name is Wina and I am a full-time working mother with three beautiful children. 
Thanks Wina. Can you tell us why you started Freddie the Frog Shoes in Singapore? 
I was searching for a comfortable, yet stylish pre-walker shoes for my twin daughters back in 2013.. There were not many choices of pre-walker shoes in the market back then. Finally I found the prefect pre-walker shoes by Freddie the Frog. They are at the forefront of the pre-walker shoes industry in Indonesia. All the shoes are stylishly designed in-house without leaving the comfort behind for the baby’s tiny feet growth. Also the shoes can be personalized with the baby’s name, and the personalised baby shoes become a keepsake for life! I love the idea, so I started the partnership the brand owner to introduce and grow Freddie the Frog shoes in Singapore and other ASEAN countries.
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Why baby shoes, of so many products?
I love learning and growing outside of my day job. My passion is to provide comfortable clothing and shoes for young children, and it’s coming to fruition through Freddie the Frog Shoes.
What have you learnt from your entrepreneurship journey, and what advice will you give to ladies who are keen to start their own business?
I want to set an example for my young and impressionable children, that when you want to try something, just weigh the risks, count the cost and go for it. I did, and it’s been a reallife degree in entrepreneurship I would never have gotten otherwise. The best part is – there is still so much more to learn on this journey.
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To the ladies out there who want to start a business, I will tell them, get out of your comfort zone and give it a try! Even if you fail, learn from the mistakes and move on! 

You can get Freddie the Frog personalised prewalker shoes from their website. Prices start from S$17.50 for non personalised shoes and S$25 for personalised shoes. Sizes range from newborns to 9 months.

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